Who Moved My Cheese: Author: Spencer Johnson- A book review

In the book who moved my cheese, the author has tried to explain how to cope up with changes positively.

In the story, there are four characters who live in a maze. The characters are the mice Scurry and Sniff and there were two Little people whose name are Hem and Haw. They all live in a maze. All these characters like cheese very much and they found a large amount of cheese at a place.

Hem and Haw moved their house to the place where cheese was found. They started living there and started consuming the cheese, but they didn’t notice that the cheese getting over day by day and it actually got over one morning.

Here is the part where the story takes two different angles. The mice Scurry and Sniff accepted that their cheese is over and they went back to the maze to find other sourced of food. But on the other hand Hem and Haw, who had built the houses near cheese felt like some kind of theft or fraud.

This only made things worse. Back here, the mice found other sources of cheese.The author tried to explain that many times in our daily life we may see some kind of failure. It can be rejected in a job or anything else. But one has to believe that the occurrence of bad event is not the end of the world. Johnson tried to give the message that, at situations like this one should see it as a new beginning instead of thinking it as the end of the world. The author writes that "If you do not change, you can become extinct."

If someone starts accepting the change in his life than he will have no fear and his life won't be wasted. Every person who wants to grow in their life needs to create change and the world will not always be the like you want. Through Hem's and Haw's attitude, one can say that breaking through fears makes you free. Those who continually seek security, ironically, are wracked by the possibility that they may lose it.

From this very small book, the author has tried to deliver a very good message that amounts a great amount of thought. The author has tried to explain that everyone in their life should be ready to change according to the requirement, and one should always anticipate change from before, and if the changes occur you should be able to adapt it quickly and you should not feel sad about the change, instead, you should always enjoy change. The four characters the author has created represents the simple and complex parts of ourselves. The metaphors cheese and maze can help you to visualize the process of change. I guess after reading the book everyone will be able to relate this in their life. It makes you rethink situations or helps you adjusting your behavior when you are in the middle of a change process. The simplicity of the story makes it extremely powerful and useful.

Initial Reflection

After going through the book I felt that the author has not used any rocket science to convey the message of “deal with change” that occurs around you. Instead, he used just four characters which are nothing but four different simple and complex parts of a human. I was not actually amazed by the message in that because at this age I have already understood the meaning of “change” in life. But the author was actually able to give a very beautiful message through his book. One should always work to find his cheese in his life. There are also some situations in your life in which you can’t do anything. What you have to do is accept the change that has happened or happening around you and go further. In many cases, you can actually forecast the change and can start taking actions for it.

Learning Reflection

The top lessons I have learned after going through the book are:

  1. If you won’t change you can become extinct.

  2. Do not fear too much, if the change occurs- Sometimes some kind of fear is necessary for life because it gives you a sense of responsibility. But one should not fear too much because you may end up in doing nothing. You should learn to take risks in life.

  3. Anticipate the change from before.

  4. When change occurs in your life then do not be afraid and do not let the old things to affect your life. Always learn to let go of things.

  5. Do not let your fear affects you. Always see on the brighter side of the change.

  6. Always feel motivated and search for your cheese in life. If you think that finding that cheese will make you happy then you are definitely going to get it.

  7. It is also advisable to do future planning. Hem and Haw didn’t realize that there is will get over one day and didn’t search for the alternatives.

  8. “Move with the cheese”- life goes on so should you.


Be the change or be with the change.


Johnson, S. (1998). Who moved my cheese?: An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life. New York: Putnam

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